In common with Shrewsbury School in the UK, we are serious about sport. Regardless of previous experience and ability our Primary School and Early Years students can discover and develop their sporting passions in a variety of team games and individual disciplines such as football, athletics, gymnastics, dance and swimming.

Our teachers and coaches support and guide students towards participation in a range of individual and team sports. Those who show outstanding talent and commitment to a particular activity may be invited to become part of a Shrewsbury team, a group of athletes working together to reach the fullest of their potential.

We are firm in our belief that sport for all should be a part of school life and is crucial in the development of good health, well-being and self-esteem. As a community we share a commitment to exercise and healthy eating. Many students at Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong will simply enjoy the fun of being part of PE lessons. Others will wish to push themselves beyond the school timetable and attend sporting ECAs or to achieve team selection. Students, if selected to represent the school, are required to demonstrate commitment, dedication and sportsmanship throughout the season.


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