Specialist Provision

All Shrewsbury students benefit from an engrained commitment to specialist study. While connected to the thematic programme, lessons on Chinese language, Music, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Aquatics are all supported by specialist teaching staff.



Shrewsbury students engage with the Chinese language every day as part of an ambitious three tiered programme of linguistic and cultural study.

In reference to the fact that it has more native speakers than any other language in the world, we teach Mandarin (Putonghua) and refer most commonly to simplified written characters. Chinese language lessons centre upon regular rehearsal and practical application. We use a broad range of stimulating resources and encourage exploration and experimentation in order to develop linguistic confidence in every child.

Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced classes run simultaneously within the Primary School to ensure that prior experience is recognised, validated and utilised.



The Music programme at Shrewsbury has been designed to inspire, connect, and engage in recognition that our understanding and appreciation of music impacts upon health and happiness as well as achievement. Learning supports the development of language comprehension, fine and gross motor skills, pattern recognition and self-confidence. The curriculum for Music is built around the three interrelated strands of Listening and Responding, Musical Development, and Performing and Appraising. 

The delivery of weekly Music and Choral lessons allows students to learn to play a developmentally-appropriate range of instruments, build an awareness of pitch and melody, and appreciate the cultural and historical context of the music they hear.



The Physical Education department benefits from access to an Aquatics Centre, a Sports Hall, a Gymnastics Centre, a Dance Studio and a rooftop Football Pitch.

The Physical Education programme at Shrewsbury has been designed to support the development of a life-long love of physical activity in recognition that our understanding and appreciation of movement impacts upon health and happiness as well as achievement. Learning supports the development of agility, balance, coordination and cooperation.

The curriculum for Physical Education offers designated focus upon athletics, gymnastics, dance and games, and is split to allow for the regular teaching of aquatics.

Our Aquatics program is run in partnership with Eliteswim Academy and focuses primarily on building water confidence and stroke development. Through small group lessons, we ensure the students receive appropriately levelled tasks that develop their confidence in the water and swimming technique across the four main strokes. Students also engage in water safety, biathlon events, water polo and synchronised swimming. 


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