Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong is committed to ensuring that all students have the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the modern workplace. 

The Computing programme at Shrewsbury provides students with the skills and knowledge to become creative and digitally literate computational thinkers. It builds progressively on the understanding of computer systems, programming, creative media and data analysis. A framework for digital citizenship underpins the programme and encourages students to engage positively, critically and competently in the digital environment.

Students have access to the latest hardware and software programmes to ensure that learning experiences within topics are both inspiring and relevant. Students are required to utilise the technology to collaborate on projects, code, programme and explore multimedia through the use of animation, picture editing, video editing and digital storytelling. 


Situated on the fourth floor, the Library offers a wealth of resources designed for Primary School and Preschool students so as to foster a lifelong love of reading and literature. It acts as a communal space and helps students develop critically important research and digital literacy skills.

With a collection of more than 9,000 English books and 2,500 Chinese books, the Library aims to inspire readers of all ages and form connective pathways across the school curriculum. Students, parents and staff have full access to our growing collection.

We also offer electronic resources to help with reading, research, homework and independent discovery.

A key resource for all members of the community, the Library is open before, during and after school. The Shrewsbury students are welcome to browse, borrow or change books during a range of allocated slots, sensitively supported by our Library team.

The Library is also used to support language learning throughout the school, hosting regular classes and occasional guests.

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