Starting at Shrewsbury

Before Hong Kong

Teaching and learning support staff who accept a contract to begin working at Shrewsbury at the start of the new academic year, will be given access to a range of useful information and resources in the weeks and months before their arrival.

Every June new staff have the opportunity to meet a member of the Senior Leadership Team, in an informal setting in central London, where the details of the upcoming induction week are distributed and shared in person.

Induction and Orientation 

International teachers and learning support staff will be required to attend a week of induction and orientation activities prior to the start of term in August.

Most new teaching staff travelling from the UK at that time will travel on a group flight from London Heathrow. Shrewsbury staff travel to the airport to meet new arrivals.

The induction week allows new staff to become familiar with the school facilities, their teaching spaces and resources, policies, processes and codes of conduct. Important visa and permit paperwork is also completed, medical checks performed and bank accounts activated. Cash payments are also provided ahead of the first end of month salary deposit in August.

Visa Requirements and Work Permits

The school Human Resources team will support you throughout the visa application process and through the receipt of your very own Hong Kong ID Card.

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