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The operation of Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong is overseen by a School Management Committee which draws upon the guidance of three key advisory groups: Shrewsbury International Asia, The Board of Governors and the Executive Committee.

These teams work closely together and provide a wealth of local, regional and international experience in education, legal matters, finance, child protection and safety. Three representatives of Shrewsbury School work in position as School Governors, bringing with them their experience of school governorship in the UK context.

The Executive Committee is chaired by The School Supervisor and meets on a monthly basis in order to achieve agile operation in line with a set of agreed strategic priorities.


Following the incorporation of the School Management Committee (SMC), it was a great honour to have been appointed into the role of School Supervisor by our School Sponsoring Body in 2018.

Able to draw upon a broad range of skills developed over two decades working in digital communication and risk management, I believe in a holistic approach to leadership and collaborate both keenly and regularly with fellow SMC members, external advisory teams, staff, parents, students and regulators. Together we are able to offer to the experience and expertise essential for outstanding school operation.

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Stephen Wong
School Supervisor


It is a great privilege to serve as Chairman of the advisory Board of Governors at Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong and to act in support of the School Management Committee and School Supervisor, Mr Stephen Wong.

I hold a deep and long-standing interest in education and understand that the provision of a high-quality schooling represents the very best investment a parent may choose to make on behalf of their child. Closely involved in the founding of our school here in Hong Kong, I have previously served as the Council Chairman of Lingnan University and remain a Trustee Emeritus of Pomona College, two institutions dedicated to the principles of liberal education. Previously a student of studio art and now Chairman of the Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme, I am passionate about creative and critical thinking. 

Bernard Chan
Chairman of the Board of Governors


Mr Bernard Chan (Chairman)
Mr Stephen Wong (School Supervisor)
Mr David Roberts
Mrs Carla Howarth
Mrs Sarah Canning-Jones
Ms Karen Ko
Mr Steve Lee
Mr Simon Makinson
Mr Vic Lee

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