"From the moment I joined the team, I felt a sense of belonging and purpose. The dedication to holistic learning and Shrewsbury’s welcoming community immediately resonated with me. As an educator, it was clear that Shrewsbury's values closely mirrored my own and I have not been disappointed. Working with the team at Shrewsbury is an enriching experience. The collaborative spirit, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to student development are truly commendable and I feel greatly fortunate to be part of such a dedicated group.

Hong Kong is an incredible place to live. It offers natural beauty, bustling cityscapes and a lively nightlife."

Callum Bowness – Mathematics Coordinator and Curriculum Committee Chair

I have been working and living in Hong Kong for almost 10 years and joined the Shrewsbury team because of an evident commitment to the development of an aspirational and deeply connected Chinese language programme. Shrewsbury staff are valued and respected - we work closely and collaboratively as part of a group committed to supporting children to realise their full potential.

Hong Kong is known as Asia’s World City and it attracts a vibrant collection of people from all over the world. No matter where you are from or what you like to spend your time doing, you will always find something to inspire you here.

Sunny Gao- Chinese Teacher

I joined Shrewsbury as an experienced international educator. Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed by the strong sense of care exhibited by my new colleagues. The team are highly responsible, deeply committed and unerringly dedicated to providing the very best opportunities and experiences to students. They are also keen to challenge themselves, to learn and to grow. New thoughts, ideas and opinions are welcome here.

The students are wonderfully happy at school - they feel involved, engaged and are driven to succeed. It is also a pleasure to work with such a supportive group of parents.

Aleksandra Grbic Hrustic - Head of Music and Musical Performance

"I joined Shrewsbury as a founding team member in 2018 and I reflect with great pride upon the journey we have enjoyed. The school today has an ethos anchored in the heritage of British independent education and provides a unique range of experiences for young children. Teachers are recognised and appreciated here. They are invested in and given the opportunity to follow their professional interests and to contribute meaningfully to discussion and debate. 

Living in Hong Kong provides the best of all worlds. I have made a wonderful group of friends here - they are my family away from home. If you are ready for a new adventure, there really is nowhere better."

Lissie Rowe – Humanities, Global Citizenship and Intercultural Learning Coordinator

"Surrounded by inspiring and passionate educators, I thoroughly enjoy the friendly and collaborative work environment at Shrewsbury. The role of School Partnership Coordinator also affords me with the opportunity to work alongside both incoming and graduating families. The ethos of care, compassion and commitment allowed me to develop positive relationships quickly.
Responsible for the delivery of our Secondary School Selection programme, I have been encouraged to lead and considerately supported on every step of the journey."

Chelly Tsang– School Partnership Coordinator

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