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Parents of students at Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong engaged with two UK based members of the Board of Governors during a live and candid Town Hall meeting earlier this month. 

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Having already played their part in a full Board meeting, featured as special guests on a digital tour and hosted a group of student representatives, John Clark and Carla Howarth were keen to underline their passion for education and commitment to the lives of students and families here in Hong Kong.

“Governors meet formally three times a year,” Carla explained. “We are guardians of the school, keen supporters and critical friends.” Having previously worked and lived in the region for nine years, her connection to the lives of those here and the many challenges we have faced over the last few years was palpable. 

“We have been deeply impressed by the fortitude demonstrated,” John continued, “and know that the lessons learned will stand us in good stead for the future. Shrewsbury schools have always centred themselves upon the individual and it is through the application of care at an individualised level that we see students flourish.”

Initially tackling a series of pre-submitted questions, John and Carla were also keen to reflect upon the journey of pre-operation, sharing memories of a dusty worksite and a first round of meetings with founding students and staff. “I still have my gold hard hat at home somewhere,” Carla quipped.


“It was remarkable how quickly strong bonds formed,” John reflected, “between students, their parents and staff, trusting, meaningful and affirming relationships were the bedrock of our success.”

“We reminisce about our time in the Dining Hall with particular fondness,” explained Carla, “Shrewsbury students are a confident and compassionate bunch.”


Host and Principal, Ben Keeling, wrapped up conversation by celebrating the breadth of support available to Shrewsbury school leaders and by acting to recognise the immense contribution made by parents. “Our community continues to grow thanks to the good word of an extremely proud group of parents. Regional recovery will only assist with this and as we grow, the already impressive range of opportunities and experiences available to students will further broaden. I am incredibly excited about the future.”

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