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A Shrewsbury Story: Lilan and Yinzhu's Family

Keen to learn more about our incredible community, we speak to a Shrewsbury family every month to find out about their journey, their aspiration and their hopes for the future. This month is the turn of Lilan and Yinzhu's Family - this is their story:


“We first visited Shrewsbury in 2019 and were incredibly impressed by the campus - what resonated most however were the high expectations illustrated by the Principal, Mr Keeling, and his academic team. Our children started in August 2020 and it has been an amazing journey so far.”

“Lilan and Yinzhu settled quickly in their Reception classes, but given the Covid-related disruption to schooling at the time, we were a little worried about the transition into  Ye ar 1. We needn’t have been - and the academic team deserve full credit for the way in which they supported students and families during an exceptionally challenging time.”

“The involvement of the youngest learners in specialist teaching programmes ensured that our children were encouraged to develop an academic identity. Lilan loves PE and Music and we are grateful that she has been given the opportunity to develop these skills under the tutelage of such an experienced team.”

“As a Chinese family, language acquisition and cultural understanding was a high priority for us. The Chinese programme at Shrewsbury is academically strong and evidently enjoyable: Lilan and Yinzhu are more motivated to learn Chinese than ever before. Through historical study, thematic connection and the exploration of poetry and idioms, learning is rich, contextualised and balanced.”

“We feel privileged to call Hong Kong home. Our weekends are mostly spent at the beach or in the mountains and we are always amazed at the beauty the city affords us. The children particularly enjoy fishing with their dad.”

Huge thanks to Guibo and Jianfeng for participating. To learn more about the relationships we share, please click here.

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