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The Best Start To A Shrewsbury Education

Following a year-long review of the research binding early education, Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong has recently chosen to demarcate a set of succinct developmental priorities for children who join the school at either one of their two most common points of entry.

Primarily acting in service of an international community, Shrewsbury is well positioned to welcome students at any stage, both prior to and during the journey through each academic year. The vast majority of newcomers join in Nursery, at the age of 3, or Year 1, at the age of 5 however.


“It is widely accepted that our formative years have a profound impact upon our adult lives. Future happiness, success, income and employability, along with the quality and breadth of relationships we share, have all been shown to have a direct link to our earliest experiences,” explained Mr Ben Keeling, Principal at Shrewsbury. “The identification and demarcation of three distinct pathways of priority acts as a celebration of our current strengths, while providing a framework for reflection and renewal,” he continued.


Following their journey through a programme centred upon the Early Years and Foundation Stage framework, students enter a Primary class at the age of 5, where an increase in the volume of places available to parents allows for a second influx of new entrants. With an ever-maturing skillset, priorities demarcated by academic staff also move forward.

An initial focus upon identity and knowledge of self drives the conscious development of a personal network. A love of learning becomes a passion for broad and self-instigated study. Efforts to inspire young students to find their unique voice provide a platform for the development of a nuanced, complex and personally defined view of the world.


Outcomes feel both life affirming and ambitious, something the academic team are unapologetic about.

“We don’t do very well with compromise here,” explained Mr Keeling. “Our work is too important. Our students deserve better.”

Parents keen to learn more, can do so here.

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