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Winter Festival

Hosted by the Shrewsbury Parents Association on Sunday 11th December, the annual Winter Festival proved a resounding success once again. Building ambitiously upon previously laid plans, over 35 vendors supported an event designed to raise funds and awareness for the Talos Foundation.

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“We’re delighted to have drawn such interest and are deeply grateful for the support of the school community. We have raised a significant amount of money for an enormously  deserving charity and had a great deal of fun along the way.”
Marie Bernal, Chair of the Shrewsbury Parents Association

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Featuring a selection of homemade delicacies, a taekwondo display, personal story readings with Alex Stears and a special and extended visit from Santa Claus, visitors were beaming about the success of the event.

“We’ve had so much fun - and all alongside the many friends we have made among the Shrewsbury community.”
Mike, EY2 Parent

“This is what Christmas is all about! Huge thanks to the many parent volunteers that have made the Winter Festival such an incredible success.”
Jo, Y1 Parent

“Shrewsbury parents are a determined bunch. We are thrilled, delighted and honoured to serve such a deeply committed community. Parent volunteers deserve every commendation and every plaudit - thanks and congratulations to you all!”
Ben Keeling, Shrewsbury Principal

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