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Darwin in the UK

Following an expansive world tour in the summer of 2021, Darwin took a trip back to the UK to visit friends at Shrewsbury School with Director of Admissions, Sarah Bowler, this winter. We caught up with him on return to find out what it was like to be back.

How did you cope with the cold?

While I was well prepared for the cold weather, as you can see from my departure photo, I certainly didn’t expect to be greeted by snow on arrival. Thankfully, things warmed up a little as we left London.

darwin 1.png

Did you see anything new on the ground in Shrewsbury?

A first visit to The Barnes Theatre, opened by Sir Michael Palin in May 2022, was a particular highlight. I was delighted to learn more about plans for the launch of a new boarding house later this year too.

Darwin 2.png

While you were busy on campus, where was Sarah?

Sarah was very well looked after by Director of Marketing, Glyn Ferriday. They looked fairly busy, but were able to make time for a quick photograph in between cups of tea.

Darwin 3.png

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