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Chinese Speech Competition: January 2023

Following a review of over 300 submissions for the Shrewsbury International Asia (SIA) Chinese Speech Competition, results were announced in each category at the end of last week.


‘The standard of submission was exceptionally high and the review of entries at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level proved a challenging undertaking. Huge thanks to all participants and congratulations to our winners.’
Haze Kwok, Head of Chinese and SIA Chinese Curriculum Coordinator 

Participants were required to present a selected or self composed text within a video submission spanning no longer than two minutes. Acting to mark the strength of a three-tiered programme of Chinese language and culture, winning entries stood out for their annunciation, clarity and bold presentation.




‘We are enormously proud of the quality of our Chinese language programme and the calibre of our staff and students. The Chinese Speech Competition provides an opportunity for learning to extend beyond the boundaries of the classroom and we are extremely grateful for the volume and quality of participation, much of which will have been considerately guided by parents.
Ben Keeling, Principal

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