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Specialist Provision: The Chinese Language Programme

Offering an academically ambitious yet broad and holistic programme of study, Shrewsbury students benefit from interactions with a specialist team of teaching staff for Chinese, Music, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Aquatics from the age of 3. 

This month, we take a closer look at a programme for Chinese language and culture that has drawn recognition as truly distinct among the international school sector.

“Chinese is a core subject at Shrewsbury,” explains Head of Chinese, Haze Kwok. “It has high status, is popular among students and grounds us geographically, historically and culturally.”        

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Shrewsbury students engage with the Chinese language every day as part of a bespoke and highly integrated programme of study that prioritises user confidence and communicative competence. Delivery lies at the heart of our efforts to ensure that students develop a rounded, respectful and appreciative view of the world.

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Drawing upon Yuwen (People’s Education Press) text samples, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced classes run simultaneously within the Primary School to ensure that prior experience is recognised, validated and utilised. In Early Years (Nursery and Reception) classes, Chinese Language lessons complement classroom themes, follow the interests of students and are driven by the power of play. Within Primary classes, academic impetus grows. Advanced level students follow a trajectory towards First or Second language study at iGCSE and are routinely afforded entry to bilingual programmes of study at their point of graduation.

“These extraordinary outcomes attest to the strength of our programme and the strength of our commitment to the development of truly distinctive services as the only provider of premium level primary education in the region,” explained Shrewsbury Principal, Ben Keeling. “The regular study of Chinese language and culture supports rapid acquisition among those new to the language and the opportunity to develop true bilingualism among those who bring good levels of fluency with them from home.”

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