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Governors Return to Campus

A sea of smiles awaited Shrewsbury Governors Carla Howarth and John Clark, as they journeyed back onto campus for the first time in almost three years on 2nd March following the withdrawal of a mask mandate just 24 hours earlier. 


"The last few years have been a challenge for everyone. We were thrilled to be able to spend time with students and parents and deeply impressed by their commitment and pride." Carla Howarth, Shrewsbury Governor


"I really enjoyed having lunch with the Governors. They asked us about the projects we had been working on and couldn’t believe that we had raised over HKD 12,000 to support efforts in Turkey and Syria recently." Caitlin, Student Council Member, Year 5                   

A meeting with current members of Year 6 proved particularly insightful, as students reflected upon their most treasured memories and shared some of their hopes for the future. Scheduled to graduate in June, confirmation of yet another impressive collection set of places awarded will be with us shortly.        

"The Year 6 students are an impressive and enthusiastic bunch. They have been excellently prepared and have bright futures ahead of them as school ambassadors and Salopians.”John Clark, Shrewsbury Governor

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"The return of Governors marks the end of an era. It has been a thrilling and evocative week. Only now can we reflect upon the broader impact of the forced insertion of such fixed and constraining barriers for such an extended period of time. A bright and exciting new chapter awaits.”Ben Keeling, Principal

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