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Bespoke Pathways to Secondary

With Year 7 places for August secure, the attention of School Partnership Coordinator, Chelly Tsang, has turned to those currently in Year 5, with a shortlisting exercise scheduled to round off a year centering upon selection. Having hosted a compelling series of introductory presentations from the English Schools Foundation, Harrow, Kellett, Malvern College and Nord Anglia already this term, a series of exclusive campus tours is up next.

"The Secondary School Selection programme provided at Shrewsbury is unique. I feel both informed and supported and I look forward to working with Chelly to conclude the formation of our short-list at the end of the year." Sam, Year 5 parent 

Three distinct phases of activity guide a bespoke programme of school selection over the course of a student’s final three years. Encouraged to explore and select prior to the guided submission of a small number of applications at the onset of Year 6, the journey of each family is mapped through a personalised Action Plan, which is extended and revised as it unfold

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"The variety of schools Shrewsbury students transition onto is testimony to the strength of this programme. I work closely with each individual family and draw upon the support of the wider academic team to secure the successful delivery of offers and a seamless transition for graduates."Chelly Tsang, School Partnership Coordinator

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"The selection of a school is one of the most critical decisions facing the parent of a young child. Our bespoke programme ensures that the strengths and interests of every child are both recognised and utilised - and our track record demonstrates that Shrewsbury students thrive, wherever their destination."Ben Keeling, Principal

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