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The Shrewsbury Service Programme

Arriving through the delivery of our Strategic Plan and developed in partnership with four regionally based charitable organisations, launch of a bespoke programme for learning through service aims to challenge, engage, affect and inspire students.

“Acting to support an embedded curriculum pertaining to Global Citizenship and Intercultural Learning and involving students across the school, the Service Programme references United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 (Partnership) as a common central focus.”

Lissie Rowe, Reception Teacher and Humanities Coordinator

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Over the next few weeks, students in Year 4 will lead a first project alongside the Box Of Hope team and those in Reception classes. The engagement of Plastic Free Seas, HandsOn Hong Kong and ImpactHK will come later in the year.

In each case, students will be introduced to the key challenge at the heart of charitable effort before learning about the work undertaken by our chosen partner and undertaking a first action. Students will then lead action, independently.

“I feel enormously proud to be in the position to support an initiative with the scope to positively impact upon the lives of so many children and families and deeply appreciative for the support of our charity partners. It is of the utmost importance that children learn about the lives of those less fortunate and of their own influence in directing change. In this way they will be better equipped to guide and support the solutions of the future.”

Ben Keeling, Shrewsbury Principal

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