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The recent gathering of members of the Board of Governors for a first term meeting provided the opportunity for those from the UK to engage with students, parents and staff over the course of two days in Hong Kong.20231030-_MG_8304.jpg

“We’ve thorough enjoyed our visit and have learned a great deal from our interactions with members of a deeply committed community.”  Carla Howarth, Shrewsbury Governor

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Culminating in attendance at a Halloween Ball hosted by the Shrewsbury Parents Association, Governors took lunch with students, met with various parent groups and supported delivery of a twilight campus tour.


“Reading with students assigned to Year 1 classes was a particular highlight. I was mightily impressed with the confidence, articulation and reading ability.” John Clark, Shrewsbury Governor

Registered as a not-for-profit organisation, Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong enjoys a structure of governance that has been designed to provide an appropriate level of local autonomy and ready access to a broad range of advice, knowledge and experience.

“Termly meetings with the Board of Governors illustrate the strength and sincerity of the relationship we share with one of the most prestigious independent, co-educational, boarding schools in the UK. Our UK Governors bring particularly valuable insight, they stoke ongoing collaboration and hold us to account for the upkeep of the Shrewsbury Way.” Ben Keeling, Shrewsbury Principal

Parents can learn more about the relationships we share here.

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