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An Old Salopian Homecoming

Having recently graduated and with our very first Alumni event now on the horizon, we were keen to learn more about the experiences of the Class of 2023 in the run up to their first term away from Shrewsbury in Year 7.

“I have made lots of new friends at King George V and have settled in really well. I am particularly enjoying Science lessons.” 

Joyslyn, Class of 2023

“Cayden has settled incredibly well at Malvern College. Having secured a Music Scholarship with the support of the team at Shrewsbury, he is thriving, and his first personal recital in City Hall was sold out.” 

Parents of Cayden, Class of 2023

“Bella has settled wonderfully at Kellett and has particularly enjoyed some time away on a camping trip with friends.”

Parents of Bella, Class of 2023

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Receipt of such positive feedback comes as a result of an extensive and personalised programme of guidance led by School Partnership Coordinator, Chelly Tsang.

Three distinct phases of engagement over the course of a student’s final three years at Shrewsbury drawn upon standardised assessment scores, school reports, classroom observations, social analysis, feedback from the student and direct input from parents. The journey of each family is mapped through a personalised Action Plan, which is extended and revised as it unfolds.

“Just about all of the leading schools in the region are now home to former Shrewsbury students - and they are thriving.”

Ben Keeling, Shrewsbury Principal.

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To learn more about the secondary school selection programme, click here.

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