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A-Levels vs IBDP

Shrewsbury Principal, Ben Keeling, hosted representatives from Harrow, Kellett, Malvern College and Nord Anglia in a heated debate about the associated benefits and advantages afforded to students undertaking A-Levels and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) as part of our Secondary School Selection programme earlier this month.

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“The process of Secondary School Selection at Shrewsbury is guided by a designated Schools Partnership Coordinator. Three distinct phases act to guide engagements over the course of a student’s final three years. Standardised assessment scores, school reports, classroom observations and social analysis are combined with feedback from the student themselves and direct input from parents at every step on the journey.” Ben Keeling, Shrewsbury Principal

“With Shrewsbury students now thriving at all of the leading schools in the region, it is great to see colleagues keen to support us in furthering the knowledge and understanding of parents about the breadth of choice available to them.” Chelly Tsang, School Partnership Coordinator

Opening with an overview of the processes leading towards subject nomination at the age of 16, representatives were keen to identify strengths and challenge misconceptions during a spirited debate.

“A well directed A-Level programme offers a global passport. Harrow pupils have secured places at all eight Ivy League Schools, as well as all of the very best Universities in the UK and many elsewhere.” Ann Haydon MBE, Head of School, Harrow International School Hong Kong

“The IBDP programme is holistic. It supports the development of soft-skills and the growth of independence as well as the broad academic interests of students.” Michelle Nardone, Deputy Head, Malvern College Hong Kong

“A-Levels provide the opportunity to learn deeply and to develop specialism. At Kellett, they are structured to allow for the personalisation of additional programmes, such as the Mini MBA.” Mark Stacey, Head of Sixth Form, Kellett

“The IBDP allows students to maintain and develop a broad and balanced skillset. It provides the perfect platform for tertiary study and success in the workplace.” Kenny Duncan, Principal, Nord Anglia International School

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