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A Shrewsbury Story: Dylan’s Family

Keen to learn more about our incredible community, we speak to a Shrewsbury family every month to find out about their journey, their aspiration and their hopes for the future. This month is the turn of Dylan’s family - this is their story:


“Shrewsbury has an outstanding reputation and the feedback that we were able to gather from friends already enrolled confirmed to us that it was exactly the kind of environment in which Dylan would thrive. We secured his place just two weeks after visiting and he joined in Year 1 this year.”

“We have been particularly impressed with the balance of the school schedule. Dylan works hard and plays hard. School staff hold high academic expectations, but also ensure that children socialise well. Dylan now has friends from all over the world.”

“Dylan feels safe, appreciated and understood at school. Shrewsbury students are given a great deal of personal support and encouragement - they always strive to do their best.”

“The Co-Curricular programme allows us to extend Dylan’s personal interests. There are lots of options available, with the Extra Curricular Activity programme running each day after school. He has particularly enjoyed his time in ASA (After School Aquatics).”

“Hong Kong is a great place to live and work. We love the pace of the city, but often spend time at the weekend resting and recharging for the week to come.”

Huge thanks to Dennis and Catherine for participating. To learn more about the relationships we share, please click here.

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