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Proud Parents: Team Shrewsbury

With parental recommendation the main driver of interest in Shrewsbury, Board Chair, Bernard Chan, was keen to acknowledge the support of a particularly productive group over dinner at the Hong Kong Club last week.20240423-A7S05951.jpg

“Our community continues to be built on the good word of proud Shrewsbury parents. We are enormously grateful for your ongoing support and deeply appreciative of the kind words that you have chosen to share about our school.” Bernard Chan, Chair of the Board of Governors

Having chosen to highlight the quality of leadership, management and communication, adherence to our Guiding Statements, the level of challenge and support afforded within lessons and the responsiveness of staff alongside exceptionally high levels of overall satisfaction in a survey conducted earlier this year, it is clear that parents see great value in the opportunities and experiences afforded to their children at school.

“Shrewsbury parents are ambitious, committed and determined - they have exceptionally high expectations and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Ben Keeling, Shrewsbury Principal

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