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Achievement Scholar Update

Enjoying their final term at Shrewsbury, Principal, Ben Keeling, reconnected with Achievement Scholars, Cathy and Alex, to find out more about their journey as founding students and their aspirations for the future.


“My time at Shrewsbury has been a real adventure. The receipt of a Scholarship in my final year has encouraged me to embrace every opportunity and driven me to be the very best version of myself.” Cathy, Year 6 Student and Achievement Scholar

Scholars at Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong are expected to uphold the highest standards and be a role model for other students. Nominations must be seconded before they are presented to the Principal for review and a recommendation for award made to the School Management Committee. Achievement Scholarships are awarded to students on roll in Key Stage 2 able to present an outstanding record of achievement.

“Cathy and Alex are exemplary representatives of our community and I feel privileged to have been able to work alongside them for such an extended period. Both students arrived in our founding year and have each made a remarkable contribution to our extraordinary school.” Ben Keeling, Shrewsbury Principal

Achievement Scholars wear a gold striped tie and receive special acknowledgement in an end of year assembly, as well as a partial remission to their Tuition Fee.

“I get asked about my tie all the time - it’s a real point of pride for me. I look back at my time at Shrewsbury with great fondness and know that I am ready to embrace the many opportunities sure to present themselves in the future.” Alex, Year 6 Student and Achievement Scholar

With the process of nomination for Scholarship about to begin again, Cathy and Alex are just a few weeks from graduation and transition into an esteemed pair of British boarding schools. Wycombe Abbey and Packwood (then Shrewsbury) can consider themselves fortunate recipients.

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