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A Pathway to Boarding

Incoming Packwood (Shrewsbury Prep) Headmaster, William Goldsmith, took time from a family break to engage with the parents of students in Hong Kong to share his thoughts on the many benefits available to families who opt in to boarding school at a traditional setting in the UK.


‘Packwood is a family school. Students are exceptionally well cared for here. They also enjoy a full and busy programme, to include provision over the course of each weekend. Overseas boarding builds independence, character and resilience.’

William Goldsmith, Incoming Headmaster, Packwood School

The process of Secondary School Selection at Shrewsbury is guided by a designated Schools Partnership Coordinator. Three distinct phases act to guide engagements over the course of a student’s final three years. Standardised assessment scores, school reports, classroom observations and social analysis are combined with feedback from the student themselves and direct input from parents at every step on a journey that is mapped through a personalised Action Plan.

Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong works in close affiliation with Shrewsbury School. As such, we are able to secure direct and seamless transition at the age of 11 via Packwood School for students that we believe would benefit from an independent co-educational British boarding education.

Mr Goldsmith also spoke of his anticipation and enthusiasm for his move to Shropshire and the opportunities associated with interconnection through a global school network.

‘I am particularly looking forward to engaging with members of the Shrewsbury family of schools. Internationalism and interculturalism are important themes in education today and I see a good margin for the growth of connection and collaboration between Shrewsbury students worldwide.’

William Goldsmith, Incoming Headmaster, Packwood School

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